Introduction of Lei Hua RTW are Customer Service Center SystemBack

Introduction of Lei Hua RTWare Customer Service Center System

Lei Hua Network RTWare Customer Service Center System establishes on modern queuing exchange technology and computer technology, and is a comprehensive network information service system that fully integrates communication network technology and computer network technology. This system software is our independent research & development based on years of industry experience and we hold with completely independent intellectual property rights. The system uses various advanced means of communication to provide users with convenient online services, coordinate the management & service & scheduling within the enterprise and provide a good platform for fine management of network.

Main Functions

*Customer Service: provide fault acceptance, business consultation, complaint acceptance, return visit and other service for customer.

*Marketing Management: proceed calling marketing to the target customer through Customer Service Center System.

*Market Research: make calling investigation to the target customer through Customer Service Center System 

*Value-Added Service: provide value-added services such as birthday remind to create new ways of making profit.

*Automatic Payment Reminding Service: automatic voice reminding of payment according to user arrearage information.

*Network Management System Interface: support special functions such as fault automatic recognition processing through network management platform.

*Supporting SMS Dispatch: include SMS dispatch, SMS notification and SMS recharge 

*Supporting Mobile Acceptance Terminal: support mobile acceptance terminal based on PDA, networking with customer service center constantly,achieve the functions of receiving orders, processing orders, online feedback and soon.

*Supporting GPS System: customer service center can grasp the relevant location information of the maintenance personnel timely and dynamically to assign tasks and schedule vehicle by GPS mobile phone and vehicle position system.

*Statistical Analysis and Personalized Customization: the system has powerful statistical analysis function and supports personalized customization.

Lei Hua RTWare Customer Service Center System supports almost all the well-known brand exchange platforms in China and abroad, such as AVAYAAlcatelCISCO.