Radio and Television Business Analysis System (big data analysis)Back

Radio and Television Business Analysis System (big data analysis)

The system is based on the main operating system data of radio and television,through the way of chart, conduct data analysis according to time, region and multiple dimensions of business by the way of chartThe system includes financial analysis module, user development module, business development module,fixed investment module and customer service module, total of 5 modules and 19 small pieces. The system is dedicated to solving the problems of data separation,tedious artificial design and calculation process and long waiting time for analysis results,etc. It makes great efforts to help the management team of radio and television to grasp the operation situation in a timely and comprehensive manner, formulate new business strategies accurately, and promote the development of radio and television business.  

  The data integration layer adopts Microsoft's DIS platform to store data from various data sources in localized data warehouses after processing. In this way, the performance of the subsystem can be guaranteed without affecting the use of the data source system.

   The data analysis layer adopts Microsoft's DAS platform to create the multidimensional analysis model and generate the multi-dimensional data set according to the analysis requirements and local data warehouse, including various data required by front-end display.

 Data presentation layer, using Flot library in jQuery and Raphael library of SVG technology to draw interactive charts throughout+java Script. In this way,the client does not need to install tools like Excel, just open the page to use.