NHNOR100B-E Outdoor Optical ReceiverBack

                                    NHNOR100B-E Outdoor Optical Receiver



NHNOR100B-E is a high-performance optical receiver with 4 output ports by two individual amplifier modules at the last stage, it is designed for the HFC network products. NHNOR100B-E optical receiver use high performance photodiode detector to receive the forward optical signal, it has excellent performance and flexible configuration features. NHNOR100B-E has a stability output level by optical AGC function although the input optical power is alteration within a range. Its built-in microprocessor can monitor the key parameters of the working status, and LED displays optical input power in real time.



2.1 With high performance photodiode detector.

2.2 1310nm and 1550nm two working windows.

2.3 With digital LED Displays working state parameters.

2.4 Optical AGC control function.

2.5 Manual gain and slope regulation function.

2.6 Excellent protection circuit.

2.7 Four ways high level output.

2.8 Open network management transponder option meets the requirement of national standard and is compatible with SCTE HMS network management standard, can monitor and control key working parameters of optical receiver on-line.

2.9 Excellent thermal design ensures the long-term reliability of the equipment.


3.Block Diagram